About Android Rom: Vision and History of CEO Sachin Mishra

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Hello, Visitors!

Welcome to the Website AndroidRom. This Website is a community of enthusiastic bloggers who you may also call developers! These are the peoples who are trying to help other peoples by making technology easy and simple for them.

About Us

About Us

Things you will Find at Android Rom Website:-

  • Latest Android Roms for your smartphones.
  • Both Custom and Stock Android Roms.
  • Guide on Flashing your smartphone.
  • Latest drivers, recovery, android tools.
  • Genuine guide on how to install, how to flash, how to unlock bootloader, how to root your android.
  • Technology tips and tricks in easy way.
  • Latest news related to technology, android, releases and much more.
  • community of minded bloggers who are constantly working & trying to help people.

Android Rom is great Community for those who is passionate and love discovering new ideas of technology related to android or other technology related things.

Here at Android Rom you will find answer to many questions you daily think of your android phone like:

  • Can i change the look of my android?
  • can i get that feature in my mobile?
  • Can i do this thing in my android?

About Sachin Mishra

I am the one who started Android Rom Website.

I have done no big things yet, but i am sure i will do some sparks in future.

I started this blog about android and technology because i love it. Yes i love technology and specially android stuffs.

I think sharing what is in your mind with the world gives you a great satisfaction. And Blog is great medium for sharing things. I think power of internet nowadays is really big.

Here at the blog, i share everything i know about technology and android. And every time I share a thing, i want to be better than before.

You can also learn more about me at FACEBOOK

Summing it Up: Android Rom

Focus of Android Rom is on Rom Flashing, Recovery Flashing, Rooting Android, Providing latest tips, tricks, news about technology and Android.

Android Rom is a community blog. Here everyone is allowed to take part and give their contribution to technology via guest Post.

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That’s it for now! See you next time.