Simplest Tutorial: How to Root Xiaomi Mi Max Step by Step Procedure


How to Root Xiaomi Mi Max or Prime : Step by Step Guide for Geeks

Hello Geeks, looking to root your newly bought xiaomi mi max or max prime smartphone, then you are at the right place.

There are many profits of rooting and there are many disadvantages as well. In this article i will tell how to safely root your Xiaomi Mi Max phone. But first lets highlight some of the facts about Xiaomi Mi Max.

MI is a Chinese mobile company founded in 2010. Now, It is one of the famous company in India also. It is one of the oldest company in India but now one of the famous.

Before going to the rooting process lets see some of the specifications of mi max!

Xiaomi Mi Max is a large display mobile having 6.4 inch 1080×1920 had display powered by hexa-core processor. Mi Max is a 4G mobile with 16 MP rear camera and 5 MP front camera.

If you are thinking of rooting your mi max and you don’t know how to root, then you are at right place because i am going to show you easy way to root xiaomi mi max.

The device runs on Android 6.0.1 based on miui and is powered by a 4850mAh non removable battery.

Above are great sets of features. Aren’t they?

Let’s look how to root!

Hindi: Video on How to root Xiaomi Mi Max.

This is a Long Post, So you can use below Table of Content to Navigate the process.

Before you proceed to root your mi android mobile let’s some of it’s benefits.

Benefits of Rooting Xiaomi Mi Max

What are benefits of rooting Xiaomi Mi Max. Don’t know. Don’t worry we will tell you.

Here are reasons for rooting your Mi Max!

  1. For Boosting your phone speed and battery life. 
    Boost Mi Max Speed and Memory

    Boost Mi Max Speed and Battery Life

There are many ways of boosting the battery of your Mi max without rooting but by rooting you have even more power. Like you can setup apps like greenify to automatically hibernate apps you aren’t using. 


  1. Block any kind of ads in any app. 
Block Ads in Mi Max

Block Ads

Ads sometimes are really annoying and you don’t want to see them, right?

Best solution for removing ads from mobile is rooting the mobile and using apps like ADFree, Adblock Plus and Ad Away to remove ads.


  1. Backup and restore your mi max easily.
Backup and restore Mi Max

Backup Mi Max

If your Mi Max is not rooted and you want to backup something in your android, you can only backup certain things like apps and data, but you won’t necessarily be able to backup system apps and their data, or automate the entire process as well as a app called Titanium Backup can. So use app like titanium backup for doing some fun.


  1. Uninstall preinstalled  Blotwares and crapwares. 
Uninstall Blotware and Crapware

Uninstall Blotware and Crapware

One of the biggest advantage of rooting is that you can uninstall any System Application, if you think any app is useless you can uninstall it using app called Titanium Backup which is good for doing just backups.


  1. Flash Custom Kernel.
Flash Custom Kernel on mi max

Flash Custom Kernel

If you want to flash custom kernel on mi max , which you can only flash with a rooted device. The kernel is responsible for helping your apps communicate with the hardware of your phone, which means a custom kernel can give you better performance, battery life, and even extra features like Wi-Fi tethering (on unsupported phones), faster battery charging, and lots more

  1. Flash Custom Roms.
Custom Rom for mi max logo

Custom Rom

If you are thinking to root your xiaomi mi max then you probably already know about this benefit of rooting and android phone. There are many advantages of custom roms like Some add a few handy features, some add lots of really unique features, and some change your operating system from head to toe.

……..And much more!

Great Benefits! Aren’t?

After seeing all these advantages you must be really want to root mi max. So, let’s start the rooting process.

How to root Xiaomi Mi Max

How to root Xiaomi Mi Max

Note: Make sure your Mi Max is 60% charge.

Steps to Root Xiaomi Mi Max (or Prime) without PC in few minutes

Follow below steps carefully and root your xiaomi mi max or prime android phone successfully.

Step 1: First Unlock Bootloader of Xiaomi Mi Max

Unlock Bootloader of Xiaomi Mi Max

Unlock Bootloader of Xiaomi Mi Max

First and most important step for rooting your phone is unlocking it’s booloader, you can’t root it with unlocked bootloader. If you have not yet unlocked the bootloader of xiaomi mi max, then unlock it.

If you have already unlocked it, skip this step.

In case you have not unlocked the bootloader. Follow below simple guide to unlock bootloader.

Step 2: Install Custom Recovery like TWRP Recovery on you Xiaomi Mi Max

Install Custom Recovery like TWRP Recovery on you Xiaomi Mi Max

Install Custom Recovery like TWRP Recovery on you Xiaomi Mi Max

Now second step is that you must install custom recovery on mi max. You need to have custom recovery installed on xiaomi mi max to root your phone.

You can install any custom recovery like twrp or cwm or any other recovery.

If you already have installed it skip this step.

If you have not installed custom recovery, then follow step by step guide on installing twrp recovery on Mi Max.

Step 3: Download File for Xiaomi Mi Max.

Now download file on your android xiaomi mi max and place it on your Internal Storage.

   Download SuperSu File

Step 4: Go to Xiaomi MI Max Recovery Mode

Now you need to go to the recovery mode to flash file and successfully root your android. Follow the below steps to go to recovery mode in xiaomi mi max and xiaomi mi max prime.

  • Switch Off you Xiaomi Mi Max.
  • Now Press Volume Up + Power Button.
  • When MI logo appears Release only Power Key.
  • Keep holding the Volume Up Button until Recovery Mode appears.
  • To Navigate in Recovery Mode use Volume Buttons and confirm options by pressing the Power key.

Step 5: Began Flashing File

For starting to began flashing file, follow below steps.

  • In the recovery mode click on Install.
  • Now select File.
  • Swipe to Confirm flash. 
  • Once flash is completed, reboot Xiaomi Mi Max into Normal Mode.

That’s it your Xiaomi Mi Max Phone is Successfully Rooted.

To check if your device is rooted or not, download Root Checker app from Playstore.

Note on Rooting Xiaomi Mi Max:
  • Rooting Voids you Xiaomi Mi Max Warranty.
  • Your Mi Max is now more vulnerable and less secure.
  • We will note be responsible if anything happens with your MI Max during rooting process. But we will be always here to help.
  • You can not root Xiaomi Mi Max without unlocking bootloader.
  • Rooting Mi Max Requires flashing SuperSu on Mi Max.

Learn: How to Unlock Bootloader of any Mi or Redmi Device.

Summing Up !

Follow above guide carefully, don’t hurry up. Proceed step by step to successfully root mi max.

I hope you liked the article on how to root Xiaomi Mi Max without computer or pc. If you have question, problem or needed any kind of help, let me know by commenting. I will always help you.

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