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This Blog is all about tech. It covers topics related to tech. Sometimes you may not find what you are looking for. Sometimes you may find a post but you can have better idea about that post. And also maybe you have some idea in your mind which you think could be informative to our readers. In All these cases you can Write a guest post to us. We will review it and publish it, if it is good and informative for our readers.

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What are the Things You can Write About ?

As this blog deals with technology niche. Read more about This Tech Blog here. You can write about following subjects:

  • Android Roms and android sofwares.
  • Rooting and Unrooting.
  • Softwares Review.
  • Android tools.
  • Tech tips and tricks.
  • ……And things related to Tech.

What do You get in Return?

  • Promotion: We will promote your Post on various platforms like social media.
  • Proper Credit: Android Rom will give you proper credit for your post and appreciate your work on social media platforms.

How to Submit Your Article?

Below is the guest post form to submit your article.

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  • We reply mails within 48 hours.
  • If you do not receive our confirmation email for your article selection. Consider your article rejected.
  • Read below guidelines to make a quality post and submit again.
  • Article should be minimum 1000 words.
  • Your Article must make sense and must be informative to our users.
  • You should not copy your post from other blogs.
  • As far as possible Write attractive content.